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Project Koine

Project Koine

Escape your house and the traditional office and live your dreams anywhere while co-owning real estate worldwide. Project Koine is an ecosystem of rentable co-living and co-working spaces scattered around the globe. Co-living spaces are designed for the nomadic traveler while co-working spaces are designed for teams and larger organizations that need on-demand office space. Both types of communities feature common modern and professional amenities for tackling work/life and maintaining face-to-face relationships.

The co-owning economy is the next evolution of the sharing economy, enabled by decentralized platforms like the Ethereum blockchain. Our goal is to create the versatile investor-user, an individual that both uses the platform and invests in its future. Unlike the sharing economy where assets are owned by individuals outside of the ecosystem, the co-owning economy stores all of its assets in a decentralized organization. The platform token functions as both a security and a utility, allowing for partial ownership and governance of all assets within the organization.

All real estate assets of Project Koine is owned by the decentralized organization, and therefore by the token holders. When booking spaces, the token is used to pay rent and as a currency for rewarding good behavior. While holding onto the token, stakeholders receive profit distributions from renters in the form of the token, similar to a real estate investment trust. Tokens come with voting rights and allow stakeholders to vote on everything from new properties to the brand of coffee stocked in the common area kitchens.

PS - We are building out the team, let me know if you'd like to join!