Philosopher, Philologist, Philanthropist.

Kyle Graden

Philosopher, philologist, philanthropist

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When we collectively understand diversity beyond binaries, we can all be our authentic selves.

The world is filled with people of diverse genders: women, men, and non-binary people (people who are not exclusively male or female). The lack of understanding of gender as a fluid spectrum is preventing our global society from achieving our full potential as a human race.

My Writings

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We must overcome the idea that our DNA equals our gender identity which constitutes how we should express ourselves. Each of these are unrelated, but spectrums in themselves. But what they have in common is that they span race, age, and ability.

When we remove the barriers and pressures of gender, people are able to be their authentic selves and thrive in the pursuit of their passions, whatever that may be: health, finance, fashion, entertainment, or technology. The journey to better understanding one's own gender makes it easier to accept the differences of others.

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